How to choose a mobile developer

Startup, small business or solid corporation – whoever you are, sooner or later you realize the need to develop a mobile application for your company. And since mobile development is a multi-stage process that requires a whole team of experts, you will be puzzled by the question: “How to choose a software development service? Our recommendations will help you decide on your choice and will not regret it.


Explore your mobile developer portfolio by downloading several apps from the App Store and Google Play. Test them out. See how easy they are to use. See if the mobile developer has similar projects. For example, you need a shopping planner or educational app. The developer in your portfolio has a similar case – great! So, there is an understanding of project features, deadlines, budget.


On the developer’s site you will surely find a lot of enthusiastic feedback from customers. They can be useful. But don’t forget to look behind the scenes: ask the mobile developer for a list of clients open for dialogue. Find out if they are happy with the collaboration, how quickly the developer solved the problems in the course of the project and reacted to the customers’ requests.


Don’t just look at the price of development: choosing a contractor on this principle will bring more problems than benefits. Your task is to get a working product. Do not invest your entire budget into the first version of the application. Be prepared for new tasks, modifications and changes to be made during the project. 

Modern approach

Check with your mobile developer to find out what technologies they use. Experienced companies keep an eye on new developments and constantly improve their skills. Today, high-quality mobile applications on iOS are written on Objective-C and Swift. Android applications are developed on Java and Kotlin. Don’t forget the importance of UI/UX design: a good application is not only functional, but also convenient, with an intuitive interface. If you have a ready-made design, great. If not, a knowledgeable developer will offer you an in-house UI/UX expert and designer.

Comprehensive approach

Would you like a properly functioning application? Don’t assign its development to multiple teams. What do you think will happen if the backend is run by full-time employees, Android is some kind of freelancer, and iOS is outsourced? Nothing good will come of it. The best option is a single project team.

Technical support

Ask your mobile developer what application support is available. The support settings are fixed in the Service Level Agreement. SLA is a Service Level Agreement, and in a solid custom software development company the SLA structure is clearly defined. Ask what the developer promises in warranty and post-warranty support. In the first case, the warranty period is important. Post-warranty support, or technical support, implies modification of the application. This may be necessary when a new operating system is released.


Stick to the golden mean in your dialogue with the developer. You don’t need to be overly interested in every step: no one will like total control. But do not let everything go on its own. Find out in advance how you will be involved in the development process. How will you be able to monitor the project. Pay attention to how quickly the developer reacts to your questions. Answers in a template or considers each situation separately. Ask the developer about competitors. Professionals know very well what business ethics is, and will not harshly criticize competitors, but will give a constructive assessment of their work.