Just to have something somewhat useful on this page, this is sort of a list of things I’ve done using PHP or Perl or whatever.

  • Geek Code Generator – my first and last real C project. I hate C.
  • Music Database – my first PHP/MySQL code
  • bplog – my minimal weblog/news system. I still add to this from time to time (though not as much as I used to)
  • oWiRC – a mIRC script. Pretty much a continuation of IRsey, an older mIRC script that I wrote.
  • functions.phps and hacking.phps – the source to the current state of my web page. Combined with CSS (default.css), this makes it simple to completely change the layout.
  • Mutt configuration files – I used Mutt for my mail client for a long time, after switching from Pine and before switching to Mozilla Mail. I spent the time making my configuration files and scripts available to everyone.
  • MARP scripts – various scripts I wrote/modified for MARP use.
  • Spam graph and counter – I modified SpamAssassin to write spam scores to a database, so I could make fancy graphs using PHP.

The source for my music database isn’t available, because the code is a complete mess. Someday I might clean it up and make it available. There are some other things I’ve hacked on that aren’t listed here, because they are just for private use only. And then there are more scripts that I have around for various things – I just have to find them and stick them online.