How to become popular on Instagram

There are many examples of how ordinary Internet users have become popular and recognizable thanks to their Instagram profile. This is what almost every blogger dreams of. In this regard, it would be useful to list all the actions in the profile, which will allow you to popularize it and earn money on it:

  1. Start by defining your target audience. These are the users who will be interested in you, who will follow your publications. 
  2. It is necessary to understand the desired goal – what you are striving for. This will allow you to build the right strategy of behavior in your profile.
  3. Profile design – choose an avatar, nickname and write a brief information about yourself. For the avatar it is better to choose a personal photo than an obscure image. It is also recommended to specify the real data. In the field of study specify the occupation in a concise form, than you can be interesting to Instagram public. There you can also add a link to any of your resources. This is most valuable for owners of online stores and shop windows with goods, as it is the most powerful source of traffic.
  4. Competent publication of posts. Here everything is simple – post photos from your personal life. As practice shows, such content is much more interesting to Instagram audience than banal jokes. Keep an eye on the regularity of your publications. For both your personal blog and business account, the rule is one thing – no more than 1 post per hour. Don’t forget to interact with your audience through questionnaires, tests, contests, trainings, etc.
  5. Attract new followers. As many people already know, there are methods of promotion that require investment, and cost-effective ways to promote. If you do not have the necessary experience and knowledge in the field of SMM, desire or time, it is reasonable to spend a little money on professional promotion in social networks. You can buy instagram followers inexpensively and safely always on one of the previously described services, for example, on Soclikes. There is a rather democratic price list and quality services. But if you still want to try to develop your own profile, they will help you:
  • hashtags;
  • geolocation tags;
  • commenting on the publications of promoted profiles;
  • subscription to popular installers;
  • advertising on third-party resources.

These recommendations will allow to deduce your profile in top social network, with what your starry way will begin. But do not dwell only on these methods of promotion. It is worth more often to experiment with the promotion within the reasonable!

How to get ban on Instagram

There are the next list:

  • A sharp jump in profile popularity – mass action lovers should be more careful in their accounts;
  • Frequent change of IP-address – when using the same profile from different IP-addresses, you just need to confirm your actions. But if at the same time your profile will be connected to several different services, each of which has its own personal IP-address, the chances of getting a ban increase several times;
  • frequent change of devices, which have access to one account. Existing tools and services designed to interact with Instagram are considered to be completely different virtual devices by the social network filters. They can be replaced frequently by a block of devices;
  • Doubtful origin of profiles – as a rule, for marketing actions in the account users get fake profiles which are mass registered from one address. It is more appropriate to create profiles yourself and comply with the limits on the number of registrations from the 1st IP address and 1st device.

Every suspicious action you take is accumulated as a snowball in the eyes of the social network algorithms. Once you have reached a certain limit, the blocking cannot be avoided. It is reasonable to maintain long pauses between illegal actions. This way you reduce the probability of blocking.