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(This page needs to be updated. Screenshots removed, some will be on this page)

My Linux page finally has some content, with the links moved to the Links page (good place for them). First, a little bit of info about my system. I am running Debian GNU/Linux (potato), installed with these directions. I use Mutt for email. My current X environment consists of Window Maker + Gnome.

Want to get IPv6 set up on Debian? Here’s is a little guide I wrote to help out. The links listed in it go into much greater detail, so you should visit them as well.

I have a couple shells scripts listed below that I wrote, which I don’t really need to use as much with Debian, there were better suited for Slackware. They still work fine of course.

ncftpd_adduser (obsolete, because I wrote a PHP frontend for adding virtual users to a ProFTPd MySQL database)

Here is a Perl script I wrote for use with MRTG:

I have my Mutt configuration files listed here. There are also some screenshots there, and a portion of my procmail recipes, for sorting incoming email into monthly directories.

Also, not quite Linux-specific, is a program I wrote – the Geek Code Generator. It doesn’t fit into any of my other pages, and I developed it on Linux.

And even less Linux-specific (DOS-specific to be exact), check out the DOS prompt I made, based on bashprompt for Linux. Here is the screenshotand here is the batch file (rename to bprompt.bat and edit for your username and computer name). You will need ANSI.SYS loaded for this to work properly.