Satan worship

Well, I don’t really have much to put here right now. So I’ll just say that Windows 2000 is pretty much the only MS Windows OS I can stand to use.

And to fill up the page a little more, I’ll just list some of the useful (and mostly free) software that I use when in Windows.

Mozilla – The best web browser. Not just Windows-specific, it’s available for many platforms. Recently released 1.0, after years of development.
Miranda ICQ – ICQ clone, free, small, fast, customizable. ‘Nuff said.
Messenger Plus! – An addon for MSN Messenger that gets rid of the ad window, and adds useful features such as automatic logging.
AIM+ – An addon for AOL Instant Messenger. Does pretty much the same thing – gets rid of ads and adds automatic logging.
PuTTY – A tiny SSH/telnet client that works great.
Exact Audio Copy – A really good CD ripper, use it in combination with the command-line version of LAME.
Ad-Aware – If you insist on using insecure web browsers such as IE, or peer-to-peer clients, you’re going to need this to get rid of the spyware/adware/etc that is going to end up on your system.
oWiRC – a full featured script for mIRC, it’s pretty much the only reason I’m still using Windows instead of Linux on my main computer (I’m a little biased, I wrote most of this script).
EditPlus 2 – This text editor is shareware, but it works well, looks nice, and has useful things like syntax highlighting. Great for coding.