Girona, the treasure of Spain

Often Girona is proudly called the treasury of Spanish Catalonia. Why such loud comparisons – it immediately becomes clear when you come here. A magnificent city in every sense pleases the eye and soul. There are a lot of sights, the climate is very pleasant and mild, and the city itself is developed both from a modern and aesthetic point of view. At the same time, there is not that frenzied rhythm and electrified air as in metropolises, which is also worth putting in the column “pluses”. Talk about why Girona has been called one of the most desirable cities in Spain for centuries. If you want to buy luxury real estate in Spain, you can also consider these options

Girona is an immortal city

The history of the city is very rich. It appeared incredibly long ago – at Iberians in the 2nd-3rd centuries BC. In wars with the Moors, the Girona fortress played a significant role and is often mentioned in historical documents. By the Middle Ages there was already a very developed large city, which was noted even as one of the most prosperous in the Western Mediterranean.

25 sieges – that’s how much this seemingly fragile beauty of Girona withstood. Only seven of them ended in her capture. But thanks to the fact that the city has never completely collapsed, its appearance has remained almost unchanged from the depths of the centuries, which attracts a huge number of tourists all year round. The tourist potential of Girona is also one of its great advantages, which cannot be overlooked. By the way, it is interesting to note that the architecture of Girona is not ignored and newsreel: it is in the Old City were shot some scenes of the film “Perfumer”, and the main city cathedral is also known as “Sept Baylor’s Septa” from the most cash series of our time – “Game of Thrones”. But, still, why Girona was subjected to so much pressure? It’s not difficult to answer that question if you look at her geographic location.

The main advantages of Girona

The city’s advantageous location between the Mediterranean coast and the Iberian mountains has led to an excellent climate – mild and comfortable. Girona has no exhausting heat in summer and the average temperature is around +25 degrees Celsius. But the city has an even greater advantage in winter, when there is very little rain here, unlike the cities located directly on the coast. It’s easy to get to the sea: only about 30 km of land is separated from the Girona coast.

However, the benefits of living here in terms of climate are evident all year round. As well as the advantages associated with the development of the city: infrastructure, transport accessibility – all the above all praise. For example, Girona has very convenient rail connections to many cities in Catalonia, and to Barcelona from here you can get from morning to evening at any time – trains run regularly, takes only about an hour and a half. That is, just one hour and from the medieval coziness and tranquility you can easily get to the bustling Barcelona. There is also an international airport in Girona, which is very convenient.

Girona today – why here?

The climate, the infrastructure, the transport accessibility, the incredible beauty, the abundance of medieval attractions, the tranquility of such ancient cities (of course, with the exception of short visits by tourist groups) – all these are undoubted advantages of Girona, making it very attractive for tourists and foreign investors. Here you can buy real estate in Girona for your own residence or for rent – any option is beneficial. Comfortable villas in the suburbs, cozy apartments in the center, picturesque plots – the choice of housing here is worthy, for every taste.