Why sports betting is better than casino

Sports betting is more interesting and that is true, even if someone will argue that they prefer casinos. But let’s argue objectively and without bias, without emotion. What is the first thing that strikes you when opening an online casino site? Colored paint, bright banners, colorful design, the jackpot in large numbers in the most prominent place, enticing the size of winnings, the promise of all sorts of bonuses. And of course, it does not do without half-naked girls on the screen saver of games and in the very process of entertainment. All this is done with one goal – to keep the client as long as possible by creating such a colorful shell.

But if you look at the games themselves, then there is nothing attractive in them. This is a common tedious process with the rotation of a random number generator (RNG). You can conduct an experiment: open any site with RNGs and make conditional bets on the dropout of certain numbers or their range. The result will be the same for everyone – get tired in five minutes. But in fact, the casino is something like this, the soulless mechanism rotates the generator and on its basis counts the win or loss. And all this colorful tinsel is designed to somehow make the process more interesting for the client, otherwise he will leave in a few minutes.

Bookmakers do not need to create a colorful website and lure people with bright colors and banners. It is enough for them to set events and odds. The players themselves “walk” along the line, choose matches, analyze them, and then get sick for the desired result. A variety of sports disciplines, games, types of bets, the use of strategies and experience on the desired result – that’s what makes betting interesting. Therefore, developers do not need to create colorful tinsel and artificial excitement to attract players. From this we can conclude that sports betting is still more interesting.

You can become a professional

Are there any professional casino players? Has anyone heard of them? Hardly. In the casino you can not get a permanent income and make it a source of income. For the most part, people lose here, and come to just have fun. The algorithms themselves and the meaning of the game to this already have initially, RNG and the theory of probability plus some tricks leave the institution always in profit. And even if the rare winnings of millions of jackpots are not misleading, they happen once a year, and before that the players lose 10 times more. Thus, in a casino it is impossible to get a systematic profit, which can be called a significant disadvantage.

As for sports betting, it is quite possible to conduct professional activities here. There are players who make a living solely through betting, and they are known in their circle. Plus, there are world stars (for example, Bob Voulgaris), who made a multi-million dollar fortune by doing sports betting. Here again, everything depends on the person, he can become a professional and get a systematic profit in the stakes, while he will not depend on the random number generator and the favor of the institution. This is probably one of the main advantages of betting. In a casino, in principle, it is impossible to make money professionally. In any case, you need to take time to find a reliable bookmaker company, such as pin-up.bet. This is the only way to become a professional.

Making a conclusion on the article, we can safely say: sports betting is better than betting in a casino. In any case, financially, the player has every chance to stay in the black and regularly earn with the help of his knowledge. In a casino, no matter how clever a person is, there will still be a loss. But we do not call to definitely abandon the entertainment. If there is extra money and time, why not spin the roulette or slot machine, you can manage to hit the jackpot. However, we caution that the casino should not become a habit, and even more so should not be considered as a way to get a systematic profit.