Contextual advertising and proxy

Using a proxy for Google Adwords will help to remove restrictions and penalties relating to your IP address or region. Let’s see how and why connect a proxy for Google AdWords.

What this resource can punish:

  • “System Bypass” – dynamic addresses;
  • Content manipulation to bypass checks;
  • Restricting access to most pages on the site;
  • Frequent use of promotional codes;
  • Prohibited topics.

Adwords bypass will help you to correctly bypass proxy servers. It is advisable to buy them in the region where the account is registered. Experts also recommend proxies for advanced as the most effective tool.

Proxy server for Google Adwords

There are several advantages:

  • High speed, much faster anonymizers;
  • Selection of the country of localization;
  • 24/7 tech support, help with server setup;
  • 100% anonymity of access.

Free solutions are best not to use. They are used by several users at the same time, which attracts attention so Google bots and moderators calculate it quickly. Quality paid proxy server used only by you. Actions are not regarded as doubtful, and you are not threatened with a new lock.

If the task is to bypass the Advanceds ban, purchasing a proxy server is a convenient solution. Google determines not only IP, but also PC data. Therefore, you need to work with a virtual machine. Buy secure personal proxies that will not block for violations. You can find such options here

Step-by-step instructions on how to configure proxies when using Google AdWords coupons. Google Ads and Proxy Coupons

If you need a resource advertisement, the setup is simple:

  • Order proxies for AdWords and register them in the Multiloginapp browser or analogues to bypass fingerprints;
  • Register a new account in Gmail;
  • Buy a Google Adwords coupon for your region;
  • Make a payment for the minimum amount and add the coupon data;
  • Spend money on clicks for a month or less;
  • After some amount will be scored, you will get more of advertising bonus (for special coupons. Usually they charge 100% of the money spent)

Proxy for Google Adwords

According to this scheme, it is possible to cheat through a proxy server for two or three accounts before the ban. Then repeat the operation. Proxy allows you to hide the address from which the ad campaign is running. Pros recommend using different URLs for each account. Suitable for the promotion of landing, any goods and services not prohibited by Google policy. It would be better to use the USA proxy

Using proxies for advertising of prohibited topics in Adwords

Search engines severely limit the possibility of promotion on a number of topics. In particular, there is a ban on advertising online casinos. In this case, a neutral theme landing is created with articles on about the game theme. As soon as the site passes moderation, Proxy IP Cloaking is connected, through which visitors enter the real casino site. To detect such activity is difficult, and you will have time to get a sufficient number of customers.

Promoting a site without creating a semantic core is like going on a trip to unfamiliar places without a map. Where to go: right or left? What are the requests to promote your website on the Internet: commercial, informational, geo-dependent? SEO-optimizers prefer not to hope for “maybe”, but use a special software for selecting and filtering keywords. One of them is the Key Collector program.

We are accelerating the work of Kay Collector using a proxy server. The important reason for using a proxy server: when working with a large array of keywords, the speed of parsing and determining the request frequencies is significantly increased, which saves time. Therefore, We recommend that at the initial stages of working with the program, immediately set the necessary settings.