The New Digital Era Of Interactive Content Marketing

Interactive business storytelling and the new digital era of User-generated content marketing.

Get to know why the game industry is leading the pack. And find out how your business can successfully benefit from advanced interactivity.

The problem nowadays is that people are spammed with a huge amount of relevant content in the social media!

Successful content inspires users to interact and talk about their own related experiences.

Interactivity is required to get the attention of potential customers.

  • Get ready and find out how your business can benefit from interactive brand storytelling in combination with User-generated content strategies

Are you ready for fresh dance moves and new experiences??

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Digital business storytelling engages users to create own related user generated content. Contemporary brand marketing storytelling strategies create an inspiring and engaging biotope for users!

The first goal is to create an inspiring and engaging biotope:

  • Which first aims to create frameworks and initiatives for users to create own stories and experiences
  • And secondly offers convenient patterns, where users can easily share their stories and experiences in the social media
  • And finally: This is packed into prospering UGC User-generated content marketing campaigns

The essential building blocks, which are the basis for successful contemporary content marketing therefore are:

  • Interactive, transmedia brand storytelling: Aiming to Inspire users to create own related content and experiences …
  • … and sharing them in the forms of UGC User-generated content social media marketing campaigns

Aiming to achieve:

  • Authentic and trustworthy digital word-of-mouth recommendation in the social media in relation to your brand.
  • By creating ENGAGEMENT & INTERACTION Frameworks

But How Can We Solve The Problem Of Massive Oversupply Of Content In Social Media? How Can One Diversify As A Brand?

… yesterday I played the game “Journey”. It´s a game based on Joseph Campbell hero’s journey. Campbell defined with the hero’s journey a very contemporary pattern for powerful storytelling.

Games somehow are like a hand glove. They individually fit the player’s hand and movements.

What you as a player in the game Journey do is very simple:

  • You interact with the game’s storyline by integrating your own movements and actions into the storytelling arc plot of the game.

How Can These Interactive Storytelling Game Mechanics Support Your UGC User-Generated Content Business Goals?

What games with interactive storytelling frameworks do is very simple:

Games create spaces, where you as a player insert your own actions to proceed with the game.

Advanced games even offer players the possibility to change the whole story plot of the game by active decision making.

Games somehow are like a hand glove. They individually fit the player’s hand and movements.

The game Journey invites you to interact with the game’s storyline .. to finally discover your own pathway. Check out the Gameplay. It´s amazing:

Click for Journey – Gameplay / Playthrough

In a Interactive Content Marketing relation the mechanics are 100% the same!

  • You as a brand want your users to interact and engage with your content
  • You want users to share brand related content online
  • Because ONLY THIS gives other potential customers an authentic, and most of all trustworthy impression of your brand!

Our experience shows that this is best done by offering social media post frameworks, into which users can insert their own experiences.

What You As A Brand Do: You give Users a Platform and a Voice!

Which is User-generated content campaign marketing at it’s best.

The Hidden Key To Successful Interactive AND Engaging Content Marketing

Our top secret and well hidden formula for social media success:

  • You as a PLAYER interact with the game’s storyline. By integrating your own movements and actions into the storytelling plot of the game.


  • You as a SOCIAL MEDIA USER interact with the brand’s unique selling proposition. By integrating your own brand experiences into the UGC campaign of the brand.

.. A powerful tool to achieve interactions with your content is interactive business storytelling. In games the power of storytelling offers players spaces to insert their own actions within the game.

Likewise business storytelling in marketing offers users spaces to insert their own actions, which are obviously experiences with that brand.

These user experiences shared in the social media are the new digital way of word-of-mouth recommendation. So called influencer, consumer or better UGC User-generated content marketing advertising.

What Do Contemporary Brand Marketing Campaigns Do???

They Create A Biotope For Interactivity: Heading To Inspire Users To Voice Experiences!

  • Like in games, digital business storytelling mechanics create an engaging and inspiring framework for users to interact with the content.
  • Out of this UGC User-generated content campaign dynamics can arise in the social media

Btw, this kind of contemporary content marketing saves you costs, too. You don’t have to put all the expensive efforts in creating expensive content like posts, tweets etc → But you give a few inspiring and engaging content initiations to users. → Aiming to

  • Engage and inspire users to create own content experiences in relation to your brand.
  • Users in social media trust UGC content much more, because it is authentic content from real people in relation to your brand.

Conclusion For Successful Interactive Business Storytelling And Engaging UGC User-Generated Content Marketing Campaigns

  • Interactive business storytelling arcs in combination with trustworthy UGC User-generated content campaigns – equals: Engagement and interactions with your Brand!
  • Equals your content is spread in the social media…
  • Business Storytelling in combination with User-generated content highlights your brand’s content in the content oversupply in social media!

…Interacting with your content through inspiring brand storytelling and engaging UGC user-generated content campaigns create the trust factor.

And as you know TRUST is the basis for your business success in the digital world.

  • It’s all about trustworthy engagement and interactions with the brand!

Now! Give users inspiring stories to talk about. And give users an engaging platform to voice their experiences with your brand!