Mutt Configuration Files


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The mailmonth script is now much simpler, using the date command directly to display X number of months ago. A little too late for the zipmail script for when I run it, but at least it works properly now. Thanks to Ron Rosson for pointing out a small bug with the date usage – it should now be fixed.

These files should be current with my own setup now, I don’t think I missed anything. I also recommend the use of junkfilter, a great spam filter for procmail.

I am now using The Little Brother’s Database as an external query for Mutt. It’s pretty neat, can collect emails via procmail as you receive them, and even look in your PGP/GPG keyrings (though that’s slightly too slow for my liking on my Linux box). A crontab entry clears out duplicate emails occasionally.

Thanks to the various people that have given me new ideas for my Mutt scripts:
(If you don’t want to be listed here, let me know and I will remove your name)

Dale L. Morris – for adding a variable to specify if you use Maildir or mbox (getfolders)
Ron Rosson – for checking the previous month’s mail for new messages that you haven’t read yet (getfolders)
Sven Guckes – for getting me to finally switch to Vim
And thanks to the mutt-users mailing list in general, it has been of great help.

You can find my GnuPG public key here.