How Digital is changing the Media (Jonathan Taplin)

The media is being revolutionised by digital media

Is the media world being reinvented by digital media? That sort of question has definitely escaped the realm of geeks in order to be debated by media experts themselves. So when I was invited by HAVAS‘ Dominique Delport to attend a conference with Jonathan Taplin, I couldn’t resist the urge of listening to his points of view on how the media industry has evolved, where it’s headed to and how and why the world is really changing. Taplin is director of Annenberg innovation lab, he was the producer of Bob Dylan in the 60s and also that of Martin Scorsese. USC Annenberg is a school for communications and journalism and is at the centre of these deep changes that we – as a Society, not ‘we’ as digital media experts are witnessing in this day and age.

“Big data and digital content dissemination will change everything related to the media industry in a fundamental fashion”, Dominique Delport said in his introduction. This  is why we also have to adapt to such changes and deeply transform the way that businesses, but also the Society at large, are governed. our challenge is to reinvent ourselves because we are at the he heart of this revolution. Delport, working in one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, knows more than a little about these things, and HAVAS, he added, has already partnered with universities and other players in the innovation industry, in order to take the bull by the horns. Let us see how Jonathan Taplin sees these deep transformations that we are going through:


Taplin: “a tumultuous world” … but there are opportunities too

Annenberg Lab been in existence for 4 years, Taplin explained, and it can “boast having many supporters including HAVAS”.