Improving One’s Presentation Skills in Just 15 minutes

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This piece by Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Clarity Dan Martell, a marketplace for entrepreneurs who want to be in touch with investors. In this piece, Martell describes that you guys have been wasting your time working. You should have spent it “speaking” for this is the best job in the whole World ($5,000-$10,000 for a 20 minute presentation…) Well, what he didn’t tell you though is that in order to get there, you need to work a bit on your reputation, that a reputation isn’t built in a day, and eventually, that people will hire you in order to speak about a subject, only if they know that you are good at it. Or better, if someone they know tells them that you are good at it. As to the presentation itself, I don’t know about the 15 minutes. I believe he must be referring to the time it will take you to read his post and not the hard work you will have to put into building a good presentation (the quality of the presentation, by the way, depends very much on how you feel on a given day at a given moment and the kind of interaction – or lack thereof – you are getting with the people in the audience). Last but not least, that kind of prices is only valid for famous entrepreneurs and I’m not even sure it’s applicable to entrepreneurs outside the US. Unfortunately, you might have to go on working for a while. And don’t forget, speaking in front of an audience is a very tough job.

How to Create a Great Presentation in Just 15 Minutes | @DanMartell

Did you know that the highest paid profession in America is professional speaking? Speakers can earn between $5,000 and $10,000 for a 20 minute keynote presentation. It’s the reason why great entrepreneurs know how to get up and share their message.  They indirectly get “paid” by moving employees, partners and communities to engage with their business in a way that goes far beyond the financial upside. Some of the best, like Mark Zuckerberg (Founder/CEO of Facebook), go even further and learn other languages, so they can share in a more authentic way. If you can master – or at least be mediocre – at speaking, it will open up the world to you. I’ve been paid to fly around the world sharing stories of lessons learned with amazing entrepreneurial communities.