How many real followers do you need on Instagram to make money?

Instagram is a platform that allows you to earn money. The audience here is vast and active, so advertisers are looking for bloggers on whose accounts it is possible to place advertising posts.

Of course, consider only popular pages, with a large number of followers. Therefore, when you feel the need to increase your audience, you can turn to the service to gain subscribers in Instagram active with a guarantee. If a blogger has more than 100,000 followers, then 1 promotional post can be expensive. But that’s not the only option to earn extra income.

  1. Using Instagram you can promote your business. A store, a restaurant, a development center can attract a target audience in a particular city or area.
  2. Promoting your own name. If you can offer people a variety of services, if you manage your account competently, customers will contact you regularly. Instagram will help support your activities for stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and even teachers.
  3. Creative development. If you are engaged in dancing, drawing, music, your Instagram account will help you become famous. Your profile is a calling card that can be seen not only by fans, but also by producers.
  4. Keep in mind that your followers are potential clients. Therefore, even if you can gain followers on Instagram for free without tasks and registration, your main activity should be aimed at attracting a real and targeted audience.

Cleaning the account from bots

In this article, we have already touched on the topic of bots and told you how they can help promote your profile. Besides the fact that they can help in creating the necessary performance dynamics to compete with other accounts, their presence among your subscribers can have negative consequences. You can perform a manual “sweep,” but remember that it’s better to stretch this work out over several weeks. Otherwise the system will register mass unsubscribes, which will have a negative impact on the promotion. Obviously, the first priority is to take care of the content, the only way you can gain live subscribers on Instagram. After all, behind any real account is a person who will actively respond only to interesting, useful and relevant publications.

How to get more followers on Instagram

  • Contests. Interactivity is valued everywhere, including Instagram publications. You can run any contest on your own, or you can find allies. For example, you can offer your followers to find letters in your photos and posts of other participants of the contest. To the most attentive, who will be able to compose the word correctly, you can promise a symbolic prize.
  • Mutual PR. A great way to promote yourself when you unite with another closely themed profile and thus exchange your audience and attract a new one.
  • Help from friends. Ask everyone you know to share information about your account. If the page is really worthwhile, many will try to combine business with pleasure: to tell about an interesting profile and help you.

Let’s not deprive users of hope, it’s still possible to quickly gain subscribers in Instagram without programs and passwords. But then you will have to work independently, regularly and intensively to promote your profile and attract the target audience. So the best way to gain 10000 instagram followers is to use specialized services. This will allow you to quickly get optimal results and find as many followers as you need. On specialized resources you will have the opportunity to order followers and get them quickly. So you should consider this option more carefully.