Choosing and buying handmade collection dirks and knives

It is difficult to find a man who would be indifferent to arms. Therefore, collectible weapons will be an appropriate gift in almost any situation. The passion to fight, to rivalry between men lies in the genes, – so the hero of the occasion, having received such a gift will feel like a real hunter in the jungle of modern business.

The origin of the dirk

A modern dirk has a thin faceted diamond-shaped, double-edged, not sharpened blade. Today it is a personal cold weapon, worn with the ceremonial and ceremonial-output uniforms of officers in the navy, ground army units and the police of some states. The short, not sharpened blade, intended mainly for stabbing, causes controversial feelings regarding the effectiveness of the dirk as a melee weapon.

There are several versions of the origin of this blade. According to one of them the dirk was a weapon for the left hand in a pair to a rapier, or a heavier sword. According to another, it occurred in the process of shortening the rapier, which is extremely inconvenient in close hold-up battles. As for the third theory dirk is a type of dagger.

Anyway, the history of this glorious weapon began in the middle of the 16th century. In the course of the confrontation between the Spaniards and the Turks in the open sea, a rapier was widely used in the navy, known to the Spanish nobility from the end of the 15th century as “espada” – a dress sword. As the art of fencing developed, it became shorter, lighter, and finally gave way to a piercing-chopping sword. But that’s another story. In any case, the dirk will be a great gift for a real man. You can find one at collectible dirks shop where you can find a truly original and interesting option.

How to choose a collection knife?

  1. All faces and planes should be perfectly smooth.
  2. Stroke and matting can only be on stainless steel. Carbon steel must be polished or have a protective coating (chrome plating, burnishing, nickel plating).
  3. The knife must be sharpened.
  4. The blade must be checked for sharpening quality. If you turn the knife with the blade towards you and see how it reflects the light, then everything will be immediately visible. The sharp, non-defective edge is visible as a smooth thin dark line.
  5. Surfaces should be checked for light for defects.
  6. If there is coating on the blade, it is necessary to check it for uniformity and the presence of flaws.
  7. Mount with a handle should be tight, without distortions or gaps. A good way to check is to take the stalk and the tip of the blade with two hands and press. In this case, there should not be felt freedom between them, and there should be no clicks.

Folding knife can be a great gift not only for men, but also for women After all, it is quite small and convenient.

Who will be happy to receive such a gift?

Weapon is considered as a good gift for a long time. This is an old tradition to give weapons, and this tradition reborn nowadays.  For a long time, it was customary to give weapons to noble grandees, who collected huge private collections and proudly showed them to their guests. The more exquisitely decorated the weapon was, the more difficult it was to get this copy, the more such a gift was valued. Similarly, in our time: a richly decorated dirk or a knife with an elegant handle, a unique work of art, executed in a single copy, can be perfect decoration for office of business person or for apartment. Some beautiful souvenir dirk or a knife decorated with gold filigree can be presented to a business partner, husband, brother, boss or friend.